CP Urban Planning (CPUP) is a consultancy group built to provide both local government units and private investors the technical urban planning expertise which may be needed in any and all phases of their development project.

The core planning team of CPUP is comprised of licensed Environmental Planners and Geographers with experience in handling projects for private developers and local government units, both rural and urban in form. CPUP provides the perfect alternatives and solutions through a holistic approach which harmonizes the complementing strategic perspectives of public and private sector planning through utilizing innovative tools and systems for sustainable economic growth and an improved quality of life for all.

CPUP thrives in the principles of eco-urban planning, disaster resilience, new urbanism, and sustainable development, consistently ensuring that projects do not only meet the needs of the project proponent but also benefit the greater majority without compromising the integrity of the environment.

CPUP basks in its holistic approach of analyzing the overall context within which projects are built, in order to minimize if not eliminate adverse impacts of the project to the proponent, the natural and built environment and the society in general.

We are highly versed in economic, institutional, environmental, physical and social planning and are geared towards providing long-term positive returns to residents of the LGU, the business community and the LGU as an institution.


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