Rex Ray for Modwalls

I have been waiting to get the info on this collaboration because I’m so excited about it. Rex Ray has designed a collection of three tile designs for modwalls. Kiln fired to the back of our 4”x12” Lush glass subway tiles, the Rex Ray Studio for modwalls® designs include Black TYPEWhite TYPE, and Orange MOD. The launch at Dwell on Design so if you’re in LA this weekend go check them out in person.


Introducing MILKwall

I am so excited to finally be able to introduce you to a product I’ve been working on with LOFTwall most of the year. MILKwall by Design Milk for LOFTwall is a Design Milk-designed custom LOFTwall that was inspired by the Small Dot pattern designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1947. I wanted to create a mid-century meets modern day design that would complement either a home or an office. I am so pleased with the result — I was going for something that reflected my own personal style, a style around which I’ve built the Design Milk brand.


Destination Design: Wanderlust Hotel

If you’re planning a trip to Singapore any time soon, here’s a hotel option for you: the Wanderlust Hotel.


Qi Wellness Center Lobby by Manada Architecture Studio

I am drawn to this wellness center lobby design created by Manadaº Architecture Studio, mostly because it already makes me feel better.




In a shop window in Notting Hill, London, I saw a book called Product Design In The Sustainable EraGet Out! Eco Conscious and Cheerful. Huge subject. I, for one, do not have a section for green designs on The Outdoor Stylist. I believe good quality design lasts and that is the ultimate way of being green.

However, I will admit that being aware of the different production techniques being used in modern designs does help to make an even wiser choice. Take, for example, colorful metal outdoor furniture. One could think they are all the same and possibly all rather bad green options. The fact is that the paint they use and the way they spray their designs has a huge impact.

Fermob, the French-based leading outdoor metal furniture, brand has been awarded an ISO certificate precisely for their work on clever and ecological use of paint. When you look at woven materials the same applies. All fibers are not created equal.

Get Out! Eco Conscious and Cheerful

Joel Escalona is a young talent. He and the firm Grupo HeWi based in Mexico have designed a cheerful collection of outdoor seats and tables. The synthetic fibers are resistant to UV, and all kind of outdoors environments like heavy use settings, pools, and sea fronts. The fibers they use are a non-toxic material that is 100% recyclable and friendly on the environment. Both the metal frame and the synthetic fibers can be recycled at your local recycling center.



Who says vinyl tile has to be ugly?

Modularity Tiles

Modularity Tiles is a vinyl flooring company that takes design seriously. Their contemporary series of tiles can be used in tons of color and pattern combinations to add just the right personality to your home or office floor.



Hacienda White by Alchemy Design Studio

The interiors of this home, located on the North Coast of Egypt, were designed by Rania Loutfi and Mohamed Fares of Alchemy Design Studio. With lots of indoor-outdoor space, the vacation vibe and entertaining lifestyle was played up for a relaxed atmosphere.



Urban Interiorites

Urban Interiorites is surely a one-of-a-kind restaurant.




Get Out! The Ultra Mini Pool

I just learned an American expression: “The McMansion.” For those outside the US, this expression refers to truly oversized, mass-produced properties you possibly only find in the US. And so, this unique design is clearly for the opposite type of property: one with limited outdoor space but with the same amount of ambition. Outdoor bathing, the sensation of a good splash, really makes a summer become real. Equally on a normal day after work, outdoor bathing entirely changes your stress level and mood. Sadly, outdoor tubs and Jacuzzis are notoriously unattractive. So, I would really love this type design to become widely available.


Birdhouses by IMAKE Studio

In the BKLYN DESIGNS booth at ICFF I spotted these cool architectural birdhouses by IMAKE Studio.

Read more at Design Milk:





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