PHI cited as one of the most Improved countries

As what we have heard from the recent ADB AGM held in Manila early May 2012, the philosophy behind progress is supposedly “inclusive growth”, this for a fact is welcomed by most Filipinos, given that the mentioned growth does translate to better opportunities and better welfare for the general constituency. However, With this citing from the Institute for Economics and Peace, most would think that we might be going in the right direction. 

Being cited as one of the most improved in terms of peace is indeed a big honor, but it would also tell us that 2010 was really a year when things got out of hand in terms of peace and security, this would of course include the manila hostage crisis, and mall shootings – these actually caught the attention of global media and it placed a dent in Philippine security and order.

The improvement may have been caused by knee jerk reforms in terms of security handling in both the national and local government levels. But this still yet to improve the climate for investments. We cannot control the occurrence of disasters and calamities in the country, however we can, and we must, improve on peace and order before more and better investments to come in. Businesses of course want to ensure that they place their money on low risk countries and local governments.



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