We work with private investors, local governnment units and non-government organizations for the realization of their urban planning needs. Below is a listing of some urban planning services you may acquire from our urban planners;
For LGUs:
  1. Masterplan Formulation
  2. Comprehensive Land Use Plan Formulation
  3. Zoning Analysis and Formulation
  4. Comprehensive Development Plan Formulation
  5. Site Planning
  6. Local Tourism Planning
  7. Economic Development Planning
  8. Resettlement Planning
  9. Urban Design and Redevelopment Planning
  10. Traffic and Pedestrian Management Planning
  11. Congressional District Plan Formulation
  12. Pre-Feasibility/Feasibility Studies Formulation
  13. Disaster Risk Reduction Management Planning
  14. Strategic Planning
  15. Initial Environmental Examination
  16. Environmental Impact Assessment
  17. Policy Gap Review and Formulation
  18. Consulting

For Private Companies:

  1. Site Planning
  2. Pre-Feasibility/Feasibility Studies Formulation
  3. Initial Environmental Examination
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment
  5. Tourism Planning
  6. Consulting

Also we offer consultancy services on other projects requiring special attention to its urban and environmental constraints


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